Hang In There – Addy’s Frustrations

Hang In There

It is meme time with the gorgeous Strawberry Singh! She wants to know and for us to share out top 5 SL pet peeves. So here I go!!

  1. Bling – Yes folks, that bright and flashy stuff from 2006 that once used to be THE thing to have. Well, hate to break it to y’all but it is 2013 and that is no longer cool. Not only is it disturbing to the eyes it is also very tacky and can ruin your entire ensemble..throw it in the trash bin. 
  2. Mass TP’s – Not only are mass TPs annoying and a pet peeve of mine, they are rude! Most of these mass TP’ers only friend you for that one reason. “DJ’ing at yadda yadda club”, no..I will not join you, matter of fact that will get you an instant boot off my list.
  3. Not reading profiles – Profiles are here for a reason, to contain information pertaining about you and with information that is meant to be read. Asking me to date you when my partner box is filled and it states I am happily taken is only going to prove one thing to me that you lack respect. Read profiles men it will save you the embarrassment.
  4. Random friend requests – Friends are not somebody you never talked to ever, so please do not send me them you will get declined. I like to get to know people before I accept that. I try to keep my list small to keep away frustration number 2 and because I like my space.
  5. Messy inventory – I absolutely cannot stand it what so ever!!! I have to sort and put away everything, if there is an event and I get bombarded with a billion review copies and do not have a chance to put them in their correct folder I will spaz out.

Credits :

Skin – Essences Opera – Sunkissed @ Big Boobies Show

Shape – Dani & Co – Custom

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Capri Blue)

Eyelashes – ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01

Hair – ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Hoshi HairStyle/Dark Browns NEW!

Shirt –  (CM) Graphic Sweater (anchor) @ FaMESHed

Skirt – (CM) Studded Skirt (grey) @ FaMESHed

Shoes – (LaRoo) Penny Boots @ FaMESHed

Prop – fri.home – monkey bars @ Pose Fair 2013


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