Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

Happy Saturday to y’all! I hope it is a great one for you so far. The Skin Fair has finally opened to the public and boy has it been a mad rush to get to all the amazing skins. Dani and I were working our rears off covering it for Seraphim, we hope you will check out the gallery!  Oh and The Boutique by the Liaison Collaborative is ready for your viewing pleasure!

Mochi from Pink Fuel released this gorgeous skin Alyx at the Skin Fair. If you have never tried a Pink Fuel skin now is the time! You can get Alyx in 10 skin tones, 5 brow options, 8 makeup options with 2 options each and 23 lipsticks in total! Holy wow right?! I think Alyx is my favorite skin Mochi has released so far because to me they just keep getting better and better.

This gorgeous dress I have on is available at The Boutique and is made by Valentina E. named Cherry. I had to get the green one that is named Spring because tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. That means none of y’all can pinch me but be careful I like to pinch so if you see me out and about and you are without green, yep it will happen! Cherry comes with an optional sash that I chose to wear because to me it makes the dress all the more girly and gorgeous!

Be sure to go check out Skin Fair and The Boutique! Have an awesome day, Addy!



  1. Cuties dress!!! Me luff

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