Begin Again

Begin Again


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! I hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing weekend so far. It is raining where I am in RL so I will spend the day inside. If you have not been to Collabor88 yet you should make some time and go. The color palette this time is phenomenal I wish it could stay these colors every round. Spring is near so the perfect weather for bare feet and light pants and tops. Decoy has this adorable top at Collabor88 called Olivia, I chose the mint color because it is so soft. There are many colors too and all in romantic shades. Go try it, the fit is amazing and the textures are very well done. Alas, Elate! made these Elle Trouser jeans also for Collabor88. There is something about a white pair of pants. I love them! You can almost feel the lightness of these pants and if you could feel the breeze in SL you would get to in these pants. Seriously, everyone go check out Collab! Have an awesome day, Addy!


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